This is a weekly look at the news around and impacting the Python Community. Hear from experienced Conference Organizer Jon Banafato and community organizer and advocate Jay Miller about upcoming events and how the latest in Python news may affect Pythonistas around the globe.

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Embracing Python's Global Community w/ Calvin Hendryx-Parker

The Python Software Foundation just had their first quarterly D&I Workgroup Meetup and we have special guest, Calvin Hendryx Parker from Six Feet Up to share why his t...

2022 Review and 2023 Predictions

2022 is a Wrap and we're excited for what the new year will bring for us. Jay and Jon look at all the things that stood out to them and make predictions and updates fo...

StackOverflow says no to ChatGPT and the PSF Membership Price Adjustment

This week on PCN Extra! We're covering the StackOverflow and ChatGPT situation and taking a look at the Python Software Foundations new pricing model.

DEFNA Board, DSF Election Results and Advent of Code

The DSF Results are In and DEFNA has an opening! Also It's Advent of Code time.

Who "Owns" Open Source?

The PSF is Hiring and "Partnerships" are popping up all over tech. This prompted us to discuss the question, "who 'owns' open source?"

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